Just a couple notes before I close up shop:

* No, your eyes weren’t deceiving you as you watched those Sunday shows today. There really were a whole lotta Republican white guys on. ThinkProgress has the deets on the demographic make-up of the Sunday show guest contingent, noting that, in Sundayshowland, women are most likely to be represented by Michele Bachmann, and African-Americans, by Herman Cain.

* When the Pulitzer Prizes were announced this week, the buzz was more focused on the award not given than those that were. The committee did not see fit to issue an award for fiction this year, apparently having deemed all the nominated books unworthy. At the New Yorker‘s blog, Avi Steinberg offers a most amusing bit of satire, “Pulitzer: the Leaked Fiction Memos.” My personal fave:

Text message from Pulitzer Board Chief to Board Member No. 5:
sry 4 typ0s. drvng on the hghwy. brrw yr swmplndya? lost mne @ knicks gme!!

And with that, I bid you farewell for now. Thanks so much for having me, and for the comments.

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