Not all those elected to high office during the Great Patriotic Revolution of 2010 has lived up to their original promise. The Republican Governor of Tennessee–a highly patriotic jurisdiction, as everyone knows–has sadly turned out to be a secret agent of Democrat Socialists, and worse yet, has made the enslavement of his people under Shariah Law one of his major priorities.

That, at any rate, seems to be the gist of resolutions being passed by local Republican Party committees around Tennessee demanding “action” by the state party against Gov. Bill Haslam, according to the Nashville Tennessean‘s Chas Sisk. He provides a copy of a typical resolution, which was duly adopted by the Stewart County GOP:

A RESOLUTION to request the State Executive Committee to take appropriate action against the administration of Governor Bill Haslam,

Whereas, the actions that The Tennessee Republican Executive Committee against Kent Williams needs to be commended,

WHEREAS, the action or actions of the Republican elected Governor of the Great State of Tennessee and his administration have demonstrated a consistent lack of conservative values and his administration’s policies are worse than the actions of Kent Williams,

WHEREAS, these actions or inactions have forced this GOP organization to lose the confidence in our Governor during an election year, these actions include but not limited to:

According to the Tennessean on January 15, 2012, Governor Haslam admitted to retaining 85% of the Democrat Governor Phil Bredesen’s Executive Service Employees. One of the latest Executive Service Employees has included Samar Ali, an expert in Shariah Compliant Finance which is one of the many ways Islamic terrorism is funded. She is also a one-time Obama appointee and her family has a long history of supporting the Democrat Party.

Retained/hired a majority of democrat legislative liaisons from the Bredesen Administration that should have prevented the Planned Parenthood funding issue in the first legislative cycle.

Allowed and retained openly homosexuals to make policy decisions in the Department of Children’s Services.

Non-support/lack of leadership with regards to handgun carry permits holders in last legislative session.

Manipulated state law in the hire of a Commissioner of Education (from out of state), who has been an embarrassment to our Republican Legislature


Refused to sign the Agenda 21 resolution passed by the state legislature (note that all Republicans voting in both the House and Senate voted yes).

Lied to party leaders by stating that changes would come after the TEAM act was passed, hiring people from the Obama administration was not the change we were promised.

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE Stewart County GOP, that we hereby urge The Tennessee Republican Executive Committee to take meaningful action against the Governor Bill Haslam ‘s Administration.

The resolution’s reference to Kent Williams is telling; Williams was the Republican state legislator who at the beginning of the 2009 session cut a deal with Democrats to get himself elected Speaker of a closely divided Tennessee House, and was subsequently booted out of the GOP.

But there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that Williams was specifically dedicated to Shariah Law or fought to defend the U.N.’s evil Agenda 21 plot to destroy private property rights, so I guess Haslam is even worse.

Ed Kilgore

Ed Kilgore is a political columnist for New York and managing editor at the Democratic Strategist website. He was a contributing writer at the Washington Monthly from January 2012 until November 2015, and was the principal contributor to the Political Animal blog.