The Catholic University of America has again rejected a petition from its students to form a gay-straight alliance student group. CUAllies, the school’s unofficial group, published this summary on its Facebook page:

Yesterday, Catholic University handed down its decision to once again deny official recognition to CUAllies. They cited a “possibiltiy of becoming an advoacy group” as the reason.

CUAllies will continue to function as an unofficial group on campus. And a dialogue regarding the LGBT community will continue with administrators. They have acknowledged voids and have communicated a willingness to address these voids.

I think one of those “voids” is kind of obvious, isn’t it?

The denial of official recognition means CUAllies can’t set up tables at event fairs, advertise on campus, or reserve rooms for meetings or events.

According to the Cardinal Newman Society, Catholic University recognized a gay and lesbian club on campus from 1988 to 2002 but “political opinions” caused the school to shut the organization down. Last year the school also ended its decades-long policy of housing students in coed dorms.

The University of Notre Dame announced last week that it would create a university recognized organization for gay and lesbian students after students pushed for years for the university to adopt a more tolerant attitude toward gay students and employees.

Now what would the CUAllies advocate for that’s so worrisome? [Image via]

Daniel Luzer

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