The Monthly’s Annual Pledge Drive Goes On

Guess what, here’s yet another reminder.

I mentioned previously that the Monthly could operate if every reader donated just $1. And that’s true because we are fortunate to have quite a lot of readers. But let’s face it, neither your sending a buck nor our expecting every one of you to do so is, um, stupid. How about this instead: Think about how much the existence of this site is worth to you — $1 per month ($12) . . . $1 per week ($52) . . . $1 per day ($365) . . . more? Please just consider the Monthly’s value to you, and send it. Washington Monthly is a non-profit, so your contribution is tax-deductible.

Give generously, and if you decide to donate $150 or more, we’ll send you an individually signed hardcover copy of Monthly founder Charles Peters’ latest book, Lyndon B. Johnson, while they last.

So, I hope we can count on your support. Just click here to help out. You can donate online, through PayPal, or through the mail.


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Paul Glastris

Paul Glastris is the editor in chief of the Washington Monthly. He was an editor at the magazine from 1986 to 1988.