Today in Bad College ideas, apparently students New York University have developed a program designed to facilitate, well, hookups.

According to an article by Gena Kaufman in Glamour:

Using to try to find someone with whom you have a meaningful connection? Boring! That’s for people who don’t microwave all their meals. And spending weeks combing through all those profile questions? Who’s got the time! That’s for people who don’t live in fast-paced New York City and don’t have four exams to study for this week.

Hence, some ambitious young adults at NYU have created their own service, NYU Hook Ups, with the goal of hooking up frisky students within 24 hours. The setup is a Facebook page where users, who are supposedly screened to be students of NYU post anonymous profiles answering a series of basic questions.

It’s not really the same thing. is a dating site. NYU Hook Ups just exists to arrange sexual encounters. Those questions to ask answer are really basic, along the lines of gender, sexual orientation, “dorm on campus or live off campus” and then, apparently, you’re off.

Kaufman described the service as “fast, convenient, kind of icky.”

Kind of, yes. Perhaps the real problem here, however, is that it’s just not really going to work, at least not in any dramatic sense. Unless, at least, you can get NYU women to enthusiastically sign up for something that exists to help you “hook up with other NYU students. Happy holidays and remember to cuddle up during these cold nights. NYU Hook Ups – making your tuition worthwhile.”

The problem is this sounds mostly like the sort of thing at appeals only to male college students. Are there really a lot of female NYU students eager to secure immediate hookups over the Internet?

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Daniel Luzer

Daniel Luzer is the news editor at Governing Magazine and former web editor of the Washington Monthly. Find him on Twitter: @Daniel_Luzer