Via Warren Throckmorton, here are the full remarks made by Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni in defense of his decision to sign legislation imposing long prison sentences for homosexual behavior:

1. In that bill, I had no problem with punishing people who promote homosexuality.

2. I had no problem with punishing people who become homosexual for mercenary reasons what one would call homosexual prostitution. The man is not a homosexual, but he engages in homosexuality for money.

3. I had no problem with punishing exhibitionism of homosexuality.

The reason I had not signed the bill is to scientifically answer the question; are there people genetically born homosexual? For me, I had thought that since there were people born albino there could be people born homosexual.

But since the medical authorities, the department of genetics of the Medical School from Makerere, say there is no proof yet that people are homosexual by genetics, I told those scientists to put it in writing and they are going to do so. Then I will sign the bill.

Am taking all these precautions because am historically answerable for whatever I do as a leader. There were mistakes made in the 1930s by Hitler because he wanted to make Germany strong..Some of these issues are very crucial and should be handled objectively not emotionally.

I had not concentrated my mind on homosexuality all these years. I thought electricity, roads, were more urgent things. Moreover, I had never seen a homosexual.

When you insisted we sat down and discussed it and we have found a solution systematically. I know we are going to have a big battle with outsiders, but I will be able to say I asked scientists and this is what they said. That homosexuals are normal people behaving abnormally.

Gee, what a guy: he wants to avoid those “mistakes” made by Hitler out of his desire to “make Germany strong.” When it comes to bigotry, guess you can get too much of a good thing, eh?

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