Lunch Buffet

Sorry for the brief lapse in posting, but I had a WaMo conference call to attend to.

I hope those of you who read PA this weekend enjoyed the four voices we featured. We’ll have more on what we are doing with Weekend Blogging shortly.

Here are some midday new/views treats:

* Mitt Romney big-foots it into NH controversy, calling for the resignation of Wolfeboro police commissioner who made racist remarks about the president in public.

* Latest twist in media turf wars: AT&T announces bid to acquire DirecTV.

* Slate‘s Dave Weigel draws attention to Phil Gingrey added resuscitating 2010 attacks on Karen Handel for alleged friendliness to LGBT folk way back when she held a local office.

* Greg Sargent offers useful guide to “GOP Establishment” Senate candidates who have embraced both climate skepticism and Personhood initiatives. More about that later.

* At TNR, Sam Kleiner warns progressives not to join Rand Paul crusade against judicial nominee David Barron.

And in non-political news:

* Mixed reviews for performance by Michael Jackson hologram at last night’s Billboard Music Awards.

As we break for a late lunch, here’s more Junior Wells, with “Cryin’ Shame.”

Ed Kilgore

Ed Kilgore, a Monthly contributing editor, is a columnist for the Daily Intelligencer, New York magazine’s politics blog, and the managing editor for the Democratic Strategist.