Sitting at the computer this morning watching the interactive live thread at SCOTUSblog along with 62,000 other people, I really felt for the folks who were obviously only there in case the marriage equality case came down. After King v. Burwell was announced and it was apparent no other decisions were pending today, some of them persisted in trying to figure out what the Obamacare decision might mean for the timing and authorship of Obergefell v. Hodges. I’m guessing their wait will be over tomorrow.

Here are some heavily Court-flavored midday news/views treats:

* Hard to say what’s trending faster–GOP attacks on SCOTUS or MSM claims GOpers are all secretly relieved.

* One GOPer who probably is not-so-secretly relieved: Ron Johnson, whose “fix” bill was drawing fire from both directions.

* At TNR, a hilarious Elspeth Reeve piece on all the synonyms for BS Antonin Scalia deployed in his fiery dissent in King v. Burwell, complete with emoji rankings.

* Missed this yesterday: at Politico Alan Greenblatt argues without much snark that Jindal really is running to head up the “stupid party” he deplored back in 2013.

* At the Atlantic, Alana Semuels looks at the overshadowed SCOTUS fair housing decision today.

And in non-political news:

* NBA draft begins tonight.

Given SCOTUS’ decision in King v. Burwell, I don’t have to post “Boom Boom” or anything by Apocalyptica for lunch-time listening. So I’m going with a cover of “Got To Give It Up” by the Athens band Love Tractor. A fabulous live version of this performance is featured in the obscure but wonderful 1987 film Athens, GA Inside/Out.

YouTube video

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