Esquire‘s Charlie Pierce is totally on the same page as I am, and is braver than I am, and so admits our common bafflement:

It is at this point in every HRC e-mail bombshell at which we ask ourselves that age-old Whitewater question, “What in the hell is this whole thing about anyway?” Is it about HRC hiding the smoking IM in which she confesses that she and Zombie Vince Foster planned the Benghazi assault in a Moroccan safe house? Is it about the reckless handling of classified material? (If so, then the fact that HRC is not a subject of investigation according to the FBI would seem to be dispositive.) Is it Russettized investigative collating; you said this once, now what about this?….Or is it about the NYT being pissed that, somehow, they never brought down a Clinton. Why do people laugh at their mighty sword?

I’ll freely admit one of the reasons I’m posting about this is that Charlie’s last question there is an allusion to an obscure Randy Newman song that happens to be one of my favorites. Maybe some old goat at the Times will explain it to Clinton-hunter Michael Schmidt.

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