So you think there’s “chaos in the House?” How’s about Chaos in College Football, where in the last 48 hours two coaches (Sarkisian of USC and Edsall of Maryland) have been fired and another (Spurrier of SC) abruptly retired. Mighty weird.

Here are some less turbulent midday news/views treats:

* Despite desperate media anticipation, no news at present from Biden campaign on possible candidacy.

* Planned Parenthood takes the very obvious and inexplicably delayed step of declining reimbursement for handling fetal tissue donations.

* Jeb Bush releases health care “plan” that’s mostly talking points rather than policy details.

* Here we go again: McConnell floating “entitlement reform” as possible price for approval of debt limit extension.

* Formal socialists don’t think Bernie Sanders is one of their own.

And in non-political news:

* Twitter laying off 8% of its global workforce. Ugh.

As we break for lunch, here’s Paul Simon performing “Graceland” in Central Park in 1991. I know I might have featured some less-known songs from the same album, but this song is near and dear to me, especially after my pastor, Dan Paul, performed it in church and opened my eyes to its many layers of meaning.

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