In honor of Jefferson County’s never-ending education/culture/politics battles, let’s take a listen to this 2014 On The Media segment about the AP History curriculum debate, featuring EdWeek’s Liana Heiten:

“Conservatives in Colorado and elsewhere are alarmed by the College Board’s new Advanced Placement US history test, which the  Republican National Committee has called  a “radically revisionist view of American history that emphasizes negative aspects of our nation’s history.” Brooke speaks to Liana Heitin, who has been covering the conflict for Education Week, about what’s actually going on with the test.” (The Education Battle of 2014)

AP has an article about the current debate: Colorado School District Immersed In Political Turmoil Amid Recall.

The segment is mostly about what the fight was about, not how well or poorly it was being reported. If anyone has thoughts on the coverage there, I’m sure we’d all love to know about it. 

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