Senate prepares to vote on No Child Left Behind rewrite AP: Although the federally mandated reading and math exams in grades three to eight and in high school continue, legislation expected to be voted on by the Senate on Wednesday encourages states to set caps on overall testing. Senate approval would send the bill to the White House, where President Barack Obama is expected to sign it.

ESEA-Rewrite Bill Includes Controversial Teacher-Prep Provisions Teacher Beat: One little-noticed provision in the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA, seems to be raising some consternation in the teacher-prep field: a proposal to allow states to use federal teacher-quality funds to sponsor a new kind of teacher-preparation program.

New documents provide details of LAUSD probe that led to firing of famed educator Rafe Esquith LA Times: The Los Angeles Unified School District’s internal investigation into celebrated fifth-grade teacher Rafe Esquith found that he allegedly fondled children in the 1970s and that in recent years he inappropriately emailed former students describing them as hotties, “sexy” and referring to himself as their personal ATM, according to new documents.

Most Maryland students in grades 3 to 8 not on track in math, new tests show Washington Post: Just 37 percent of Montgomery students and 15 percent in Prince George’s meet math benchmark.

Pro-Charter Think Tank Downgrades City’s Rating, Citing ‘de Blasio’ Effect WNYC: Priscilla Wohlstetter of Teachers College, who co-authored the report with Dara Zeehandelaar of the Fordham Institute, said there’s still “more fragmentation than unification” between the choice sector and traditional public schools. For example, only six cities had a common application process, and many did not provide publicly funded transportation for students to attend non-traditional schools.

Mayor de Blasio Draws Criticism for Plan to Pay for Security in Private Schools NYT: The New York City Council has passed a bill that will reimburse private and parochial schools for the cost of hiring unarmed guards, at a cost of nearly $20 million.

If You Build Affordable Housing For Teachers, Will They Come? NPR: In North Carolina and around the country, districts are facing a problem: low teacher pay that means new hires can’t afford to live in the community.

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