New Education Law Passes, With A Power Shift Back To The States NPR: States are thankful for the opportunity, but critics say there’s no guarantee that states will succeed in two crucial areas the old law — known as No Child Left Behind — failed. See also Washington Post, HuffPostAPNYTPK12.

ESSA Spin Patrol: How Various Groups Are Claiming Victory PK12: You know you’re looking at a bipartisan, compromise bill when everyone rushes the field after the final touchdown, claims partial credit, and proceeds to explain what it means.

CDC grades American schools on how well they teach sex education Los Angeles Times: The CDC gives American schools generally good grades for teaching sex education, but federal health officials see plenty of room for improvement.

Tim Cook: Apple Won’t Make The “Test Machines” Taking Over Classrooms BuzzFeed: “We are interested in helping students learn and teachers teach, but tests, no,” Cook said. “We create products that are whole solutions for people — that allow kids to learn how to create and engage on a different level.”

Minneapolis Taps a Former Massachusetts Superintendent to Lead the District District Dossier: Sergio Paez most recently served as superintendent of the Holyoke, Mass., district, which the state of Massachusetts took over this year because of years of chronic underperformance.

How some low-income students discovered the unwritten rules of high school admissions ChalkbeatNY:  Breakthrough tries to help close that knowledge gap, first by helping students sort through the 649-page high school directory. Then, Breakthrough staffers coach them on all of the other ways they can improve their chances for a coveted admissions slot at public and private schools alike, from basics like handshakes to more complicated strategies for advocating for oneself.

Man Acquitted of Killing Aspiring Teacher During iPod Theft AP: Zabel moved from Austin, Minnesota, to Philadelphia to start work in the public schools a few weeks before he was killed in June 2008 during a street robbery that netted an iPod. Zabel had been walking home after finishing a shift at a Starbucks store.

Alexander Russo

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