Back in our July/August 2005 issue, we aired a debate about Hillary Clinton’s electability as a presidential candidate. Carl M. Cannon said she could win and Amy Sullivan argued that, while it was not proven that she could not win, she wasn’t a good bet for the Democrats. Of course, they were thinking about the 2008 election cycle, but these essays still make for timely and interesting reading today.

Dana Houle makes the case in The New Republic that the Bush family should endorse Hillary. I think in many ways, they already have.

A poll from Suffolk University has Trump and Sen. Pat Toomey getting thumped in Pennsylvania, largely on the strength of Clinton and McGinty’s strength in the Philly metropolitan area. I live in the Philly metro area and the sentiment seems to be split between support for Clinton and a wistful desire for Obama to get a third term. Trump supporters are hard to find and I think they’re dwindling. But it’s a big state and Trump will do very well in a lot of it.

Suddenly, it’s safe to dump on Roger Ailes, so that’s what’s happening.

Hillary’s Wellesley College is expecting a boost in applications and donations after Clinton is done accepting the presidential nomination tonight.

Grateful Dead keyboardist Brent Mydland died 26 years ago this week, which makes me feel very old. Here’s an interview Al Franken did with him shortly after he joined the band in 1979.

YouTube video

Here’s what it was like to see Mydland perform (and I do believe I was in the audience for this one):

YouTube video

Heroin is a disaster.

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