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As it becomes increasingly clear that Hillary Clinton will win the presidential election, one of the things we’re hearing expressed in some quarters is an admonition for Democrats to reach out to Trump supporters. It strikes me that the arguments made about that are pretty devoid of any real policy analysis because Clinton has a whole array of proposals that would actually benefit white middle and working class Americans.

If you are unemployed, she has a plan to create thousands of new jobs via an investment in infrastructure.

If you aren’t earning enough money to make ends meet, she wants to raise the minimum wage.

If you want to go to college or are weighed down with college debt, she has a plan to make college debt-free and to allow former students to refinance their debt.

If you are elderly and trying to make it on Social Security alone, she has a plan to shore up the Social Security Trust Fund and increase benefits to the elderly poor.

If you are raising a family or taking care of elderly relatives, she has a plan for paid family and medial leave.

If you need affordable child care, she has a plan to make pre-k universal and ensure that no one pays more than 10% of their income on high-quality childcare.

If you are living in poverty, she has a plan to change the refundability threshold of the child tax credit.

If you live in coal country, she has a plan to revitalize your community.

Beyond that, a President Clinton would continue the executive orders issued by President Obama on things like overtime pay and the fiduciary responsibilities of investment advisors.

When it comes to her opponent, one of the constituencies he has more to offer are those making more than $250,000 a year. Clinton will raise their taxes and Trump promises to lower them. He also appeals to those who want to turn back the tide on a woman’s right to choose and marriage equality. If you think that the 2nd amendment is under attack, Trump is probably your guy. Other than that, his appeal mainly focuses on nativism, racism, sexism and religious bigotry.

Democrats cannot dispel the anger/fear that drives the cultural/racial/religious/gender anxieties of Trump supporters. That is something for individuals and churches to deal with. In the meantime, Clinton’s policy proposals demonstrate an outreached hand to those who support her opponent.

Nancy LeTourneau

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