June/July/August 2015

Scott Walker’s Real Legacy

What did the Wisconsin governor’s union busting actually accomplish for the “hardworking taxpayers” of his state? And what do his actions tell us about how he might govern as president?

Wealth and Generations

By focusing on the growing riches of the “1 percent,” we miss another form of inequality that is bigger, and arguably even more dangerous.

Second Chance, My Ass

Ex-offenders need jobs to stay out of jail. But easy access to criminal records, a gift of the Internet age, means that employers won’t hire them.

Pick Your Poison

The GOP Congress is working on a new toxic chemical bill. Should Obama sign it, or wait for the next president to get a better deal?

Tilting at Windmills

Lost in the supermarket If you’re anything like me, you’re a basket case when it comes to filling your grocery basket. It’s not just the mind-bending options available (37 different varieties of Doritos); it’s also the vexing political and moral calculations. I’ve never gone in for those socially conscious mutual funds; I don’t really see… Read more »

Ancient Greece’s Middle-Out Strategy

There’s not much doubt that the central issue of the 2016 elections will be wage stagnation and the shrinking middle class. Liberals have been itching for this fight for years, of course. But even conservatives are sounding like economic populists these days—Republicans “are and should be the party of the 47 percent,” declared Senator Ted… Read more »