March/April/May 2015

Tilting at Windmills

Four regulations and a funeral A few years ago, my wife became a funeral director. She has a special emphasis on “back to basics” funerals: simple caskets, avoiding embalming if possible, woodland burial, personal attention from the funeral director. She’d like to set up her own small funeral establishment some day, but she discovered a… Read more »

Washington’s Biggest Problem: Not Agreeing on the Problem

Gridlock rules Washington not just because the parties can’t agree on solutions to our nation’s problems, but because they can’t even agree on what the problems are. Senate Republicans didn’t block Barack Obama’s cap-and-trade bill in 2010 because they favored different policies—say, a carbon tax—for controlling global warming. They blocked it because they didn’t believe… Read more »

The Future of Work

The American Midwest and the Mexican border are the twin faces of economic globalization—and the upheavals they have endured are the new normal.