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Post-Florence, The Fourth Estate Must Expand Its Climate Coverage

Once the water recedes, the excuses must recede as well. After the devastation and death wrought by Hurricane Florence, American print, broadcast and cable media outlets have a journalistic obligation to expand its coverage of the existential crisis of human-caused climate change. No longer can we tolerate having extensive coverage of extreme weather without that… Read more »

Paris is Burning: CNN Deserves Flak for Hiring Pro-Trump Hack

Forrest Gump was right: Stupid is as stupid does. CNN said Wednesday evening that Paris Dennard has been suspended from his commentary role, pending an examination of the allegations against him in a Wednesday Washington Post story. The Post reported that Dennard was fired from a job at Arizona State University “for making sexually explicit… Read more »

The Royal Scam: A Press Corps at Its Lowest Point

Seriously, who gives a damn? The attention that American mainstream-media entities are giving to the worthlessness in Windsor Castle today is nothing short of repulsive, an indictment of the Fourth Estate’s fetish for frivolity over seriousness and substance, a worsening of the anti-intellectual trends in American culture. Why are we paying so much attention to… Read more »

We’ll Never Know How Many Will Suffer Thanks to Scott Pruitt–And Those Who Continue to Support Him

Five years ago today–and damn, does that seem like a lifetime ago–New York magazine writer Jonathan Chait declared that President Obama wasn’t getting enough credit from climate activists for his leadership on reducing emissions. Back then, Chait observed: The assumption that Obama’s climate-­change record is essentially one of failure is mainly an artifact of environmentalists’… Read more »