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Dirty Deeds: The Trumpist Threat to Clean Air and Water

Presumably, Donald Trump didn’t bring the hack he hired to run the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, along with him to Saudi Arabia because the fossil-fuel fetishist wouldn’t want to leave that petrostate. The New York Times, presumably trying to reduce the public’s contempt towards its decision to hire climate-change denier Bret Stephens to foul… Read more »

A New Low in False Balance at the Washington Post?

It’s almost too goofy for words. I’m not quite sure who Josh Rogin of the Washington Post was trying to fool when he suggested that Donald Trump really knows what he’s doing with regard to foreign policy. In fact, if one reads his words closely, one might conclude that he may have fooled himself: The… Read more »

Will Republicans Blame Trump if Jon Ossoff Wins?

It appears that Republicans remain nervous about holding on to the seat in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District vacated by current Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price–a seat the GOP has owned since 1979: Conservative ads are pummeling [Democratic contender Jon] Ossoff. Spots from the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC linked to House Speaker… Read more »

The New York Times Commits Ecocide

To quote the late hip-hop artist The Notorious BIG, it was all a dream. A dream that the world’s most prominent newspaper would actually cover the most important story of our time with the seriousness it deserves. A dream that the publication would recognize that false balance on climate science was nothing more than an… Read more »

The Fourth Estate Has an Obligation to Question Trump’s Motives in Syria

Last week, after the Washington Post published a bizarre story suggesting that the Trump administration had come around to supporting both a federal value-added tax and a carbon tax, Kevin Drum labeled the story bullpucky: Sure they are. This sounds more like a strategic leak to demonstrate “seriousness” on Trump’s part than anything that’s really… Read more »

What Do You Do When the Press Offends You?

Analyzing a new study on the pernicious power of right-wing media in terms of driving political polarization in the United States, Northeastern University professor Dan Kennedy observes: Though the report, published by the Columbia Journalism Review, does an excellent job of laying out the challenge posed by Breitbart and its ilk, it is less than… Read more »