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PBS Plans to Give Us a Progressive Talk Show, Too, Right?

We all know the sad saga of public television bending over backwards to appease right-wing interests and dull the Republican desire to put Big Bird in a skillet, but this is beyond ridiculous: As the Donald Trump administration mulls whacking its funding for PBS, the pubcaster said today that it is launching a conservative talk… Read more »

The Media is the Message

I didn’t think the Fox News Channel could give us anything funnier than Laura Ingraham’s desperate attempts to garner ratings by insulting LeBron James, but the news that Fox has given another unlistenable wingnut radio host, Mark Levin, his own show—which begins tonight—is more hilarious than Redd Foxx in his prime: As previously announced, the… Read more »

Only the Best People

Maybe he’s going to say he got railroaded: A top official charged with overseeing the safety of U.S. railroads has resigned “effective immediately,” the Department of Transportation said Saturday after POLITICO raised questions about whether he had been simultaneously working as a public relations consultant for a sheriff’s department in Mississippi. Heath Hall became the… Read more »

A Sad Way to Go

No one ever wants to speak ill of the dead, but what happens when the dead have spoken ill of themselves? John Coleman, the “Good Morning America” forecasting icon who co-founded The Weather Channel, died [last] Saturday. The 83-year-old Coleman, in his later years, may have become best known for championing skepticism about the human… Read more »

Keith Olbermann’s Famous Last Words

As soon as I heard the news, I thought back to the fall of 1993, when Billy Joel began hinting in the wake of the release of the River of Dreams album that he wouldn’t be releasing any new material, and Michael Jordan announced his retirement from professional basketball. Yes, the Piano Man did return… Read more »

No One’s Out to Get Al Franken

So, can we finally knock it off with suggestions that Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) was the victim of a right-wing hit job? If Franken legitimately believed that the allegations against him were either completely fictional or somewhat exaggerated, he would have immediately said so. It beggars belief that Franken, who went through legal hell in… Read more »

Talk to the Hand: An Appalling Anniversary

It should have been over a year ago. It should have effectively ended the election. It did not–and the fact that it did not speaks volumes about this country. One year ago today, the Washington Post reported: Donald Trump bragged in vulgar terms about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women during a… Read more »

Trump Can’t Do His Job

Leaked transcripts of Trump’s phone calls with the leaders of Mexico and Australia furnish ultimate proof that Trump is incapable of executing his duties.