Political Animal

The Importance of Confederate Monuments Is in What They Symbolize

They not only commemorate those who fought to maintain slavery, but the normalization of white supremacy.


The 'Angry White Boys' Know What They Want

Dismissing the white nationalists in Charlottesville as simply play-acting amounts to a dangerous flinch in the face of evil.

Republic 3.0

Four Big Ideas for Tax Reform

The coming debate over tax reform will likely be a wasted opportunity to fix the tax code for the good of the economy and working-class Americans.


Why More Students Should Go to College in High School

‘Dual enrollment’ programs—where students attend both high school and college—are gaining in popularity as college costs soar.

Health Care

Nevada to Big Pharma: 'Show Us Your Books!'

Working Nevadans finally scored a victory against big pharma. Will other states follow suit?