MAX SPEAKS, THE BEAR LISTENS….Hey, Max, these flowers are for you! Keep up the good work!

(And speaking of flowers, this picture is courtesy of the Calyx & Corolla website, which was recommended to me shortly before Valentine’s Day by the estimable Megan McArdle for obscure reasons having to do with a Harvard case study that she read back in her MBA days. Anyway, she was right: the flowers were absolutely gorgeous, they were delivered via FedEx in two days, they arrived in perfect condition, and Marian loved them. They were more expensive than a basket of poseys from your local Conroy’s, but, really, not that much more if you ask for an ordinary glass vase instead of the outrageously marked up piece of pottery shown in the pictures.

Just thought I’d pass that along for anyone with an anniversary or birthday or whatnot coming up ? or who’s planning a big fight and just wants to be prepared.)

UPDATE: If you like tropical flowers, reader Howard Litwak recommends these guys.