MORE CATS….My cat post on Friday prompted an outpouring of requests from one guy for more pictures. Good enough for me!

So here they are again. The big black and white one on the left is named Inkblot (for obvious reasons). He weighs in at nearly a full stone and has an IQ, even in cat terms, of about 10. The brown tabby on the right is Jasmine, named by one of our friends’ kids, and she tends toward “small but clever.” She keeps Inkblot on a leash through sheer force of will.

So, will I be posting more cat pictures in the future? Will I ever! Thanks to the miracle of digital photography, I can take literally endless pictures of my cats and it costs me absolutely nothing. You, of course, are the beneficiaries of this technological wizardry.

(Don’t like it because you access CalPundit via a slow dial-up link? Hmmm, how can I put this politely? GET BROADBAND!)

POSTSCRIPT: On a slightly more sober note, I’d like to encourage other bloggers to post personal nonsense like this too. Maybe it will inspire Bill Sjostrom to post more pictures of his dog, for example.

As John Cole pointed out a few weeks ago, these kinds of things remind us all that while we mostly talk about politics in our blogs and therefore conclude that all the other guys are venal, smug, hypocritical idiots, we are actually fairly ordinary people in real life ? you know, going to work, attending church, raising our kids, fixing the broken faucet, and so forth. I myself, for example, steal candy from babies only when there’s simply no other choice, and I imagine my ideological opposites, misguided though they are, feel much the same way.

And now it’s off to lunch. A chili burger at Tommy’s sounds like it would hit the spot today. Yum yum!