AMERICAN BLOGOSPHERE IDOL….N.Z. Bear, proprietor of The Truth Laid Bear and creator of the famed Blogosphere Ecosystem, has come up with a pretty worthwhile idea:

One of the criticisms (of the many) that has been leveled at the Ecosystem over time is that it tends to draw attention to exactly those bloggers who don’t need it — the ones who are already at the “top of the heap”.

In the spirit of counterbalancing that tendency, I’m happy to announce a new feature of the Ecosystem. I call it Microbes on Parade: The New Weblog Showcase.

Basically, this is an opportunity for new weblogs to get displayed on Bear’s site, with a winner announced each week based on how many other blogs to link to them.

It looks like the initial rush of entries is pretty big, so savvy bloggers might want to wait a week or two before entering. But whether you enter or not, head on over and read through the entries and cast a vote. It’s your civic duty!

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