RAISING OUR KIDS….As an antidote to the ongoing culture wars, read this post by Justene Adamec about raising a pair of girls.

Is Will and Grace OK? How about Jackass the Movie? Lizzie McGuire? Is the media corrupting our youth?

The answer is: we muddle along, and in the end as long as parents really care about their kids and talk to them and set a good example ? then all the rest doesn’t really matter that much. That sounds about right to me.

UPDATE: And as long as you’re over there, here is perhaps the clearest, most straightforward explanation of blogging yet blogged, courtesy of one of Justene’s Lizzie McGuire-loving twins:

Why I blog
I enjoy bloogging ? yet I have no idea why. I guess I just like people reading my opinions. And coming to MY site, to read my thoughts. Like right now, your reading my thoughts and listening to me. At least somebody will. I JUST LOVE BEING THE CENTER OF ATTENTION.

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