MISSING WMD….George Bush says ? hallelujah! ? that we’ve found the weapons of mass destruction. A commenter over at South Knox Bubba’s site begs to disagree:

It seems the pipes are made of the wrong materials; the joints, whether screw threaded or flanged, would allow the escape of all those WMDs; the commercial grade air conditioning unit installed at the front end of the truck bed couldn’t possibly maintain accurate temperature controls; the a/c unit has no external exhaust system, so the canvas covers that hid these ever so dangerous “weapons” would just return the exhaust back into the truck body, thereby raising the ambient temperatures and defeating the alleged scientific cooling of the alleged units.

Meanwhile, as Sam Rosenfeld points out: “Here is an incredibly important story that the press actually has gotten around to covering extensively, and the Dems just sit on their hands.”

I can understand the Democrats’ reluctance to say anything, since for all anyone knows tomorrow we might discover an underground swimming pool of anthrax in one of Saddam’s palaces. Still, as Matt Yglesias says, “This is exactly the sort of thing opposition parties are for.” He’s right. After all, it’s now hit the big time, with major coverage by all the major newsweeklies, so how dangerous can it be? It’s past time for Tom Daschle or Nancy Pelosi to take a chance and start making some serious waves over this.