BLOGGING CODE OF ETHICS….Justene Adamec, a fellow inmate in the Golden State nuthouse, thinks the blogosphere needs a code of ethics. Like, for example, you shouldn’t change a post without noting it as an update.

Personally, I’m against this idea since it summons forth a grim vision of some blog equivalent of the ICC hauling me up on charges of correcting my grammar without a license and taking away my blogging privileges for a week. Or something. Anyway, it sounds like the kind of regulation that liberals are always being accused of, and Justene is supposed to be a conservative.

Still, despite myself, it sounds kind of interesting. You can leave comments on the topic here of course, but if you have real suggestions you should click over to CalBlog and leave them in Justene’s comments.

UPDATE: Justene has sent me an email clarifying that what she’s really after is a set of guidelines, or rules of thumb, not a code of ethics. So consider her idea in that spirit, rather than as some kind of formal document.