FRIDAY DOG BLOGGING….As a good liberal, I believe in giving everyone a fair shake. Dogs, for example. And just as conservatives have suspected all along, “fair shake” means that cats get 51 weeks out of the year and dogs get one.

But quit your griping, because this is the week! My sister-in-law was over last weekend and her dogs are the stars of the show today. On the left is Wookie and on the right is Missy. In dog years, they are both about a hundred years old.

BONUS ANIMALS: And as long as we’re ignoring cats this week, check out Sunday Chicken Blogging over at Calblog. Justene reports that the chicks are safe from her cats because when they start chirping the cats run over to the window to look outside. After all, that’s usually where the birds are!

(Yeah, it’s true: the cluelessness of the average housecat is astounding. It’s a good thing they’re so cute….)

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