GAY BASHING….John Derbyshire at 11:20 am:

I have always thought that the criminalization of homosexual acts was both foolish, and inhumane, and un-Christian. I am no longer so sure.

John Derbyshire at 1:59 pm, responding to a reader asking if this is an incitement to violence:

Only if you are the kind of hysterical moron who believes that the failure of a person whole-heartedly to “celebrate” your lifestyle can fairly be described using the verb “to bash.”

Note to Derb: proposing that maybe gays should be tossed in jail after all is a little more than just a lack of wholehearted celebration of their lifestyle.

Besides, I’m curious: if the Episcopalians already have gay priests, is having a gay bishop really that big a deal? I mean, it’s either enough of a sin to keep you from being ordained or it’s not, right?