BLOGGERS UNITE!….YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE EXCEPT $500….Yesterday I got an email announcing a blog conference in Boston in October. Over the past decade I’ve probably received about a thousand emails touting various conferences and trade shows, and since this one is in Boston, costs $500, and doesn’t sound very interesting anyway, I deleted the email and proceeded with my day.

Other bloggers, however, declined to have such a milquetoasty attitude. Tom Tomorrow said the event rated just slightly above waking up in a hotel room bathtub full of ice with his kidneys missing. Teresa Nielsen Hayden performed a full fisking of the invitation and twitted the organizers for insufficient dedication to egalitarianism. Atrios wonders why they didn’t invite Kos to speak (although he inexplicably fails to put in a plug for me). Jesse thinks it’s just ego stroking, and Elayne says there’s nothing “mere” about $500.

I guess I can understand. I too sort of feel like a conference about blogging is like having a conference about pencil sharpening. And while it would be interesting to meet Josh Marshall, he didn’t call me when he was out in California a couple of months ago, so the heck with him.

Besides, there’s a better way. In fact, I hosted my very own blog conference a couple of weeks ago, and a very pleasant affair it was. Everyone got to meet my cats, Marian got to show off her salad making talents, and all it set us back was the cost of some frozen hamburger patties and a few bottles of beer. (I even had a theme: “Beer, Burgers, and Bush Bashing.” Nice alliteration, no? Have I told you all that I’m a marketing whiz?) The Harvard guys ought to try my model and just make their affair a potluck or something.

I do wonder about one thing, though:

This is a user?s conference. Technology is important, but at this conference the people who make the products are here to listen, to learn how people use the software, and to learn how we can improve it.

What software? You mean like Blogger and Movable Type? Jeez, you type some words in a box, press the “Save” button, and your words show up on the web. What’s to talk about?