THE CORNER….Yes, I know that reading The Corner too much is bad for your mental health, and I also know that applies doubly to anything written by Kathryn Jean Lopez ? surely a bigger beneficiary of affirmative action than Margaret Carlson ? but what the hell is this post about?

Does K-Lo herself think Saddam was behind 9/11?

Or does she know perfectly well he wasn’t, but is proud of the administration and its media minions for convincing America that this was a good reason to invade Iraq ? since the truth apparently wouldn’t have been convincing enough?

In other words, is she stupid, or is she merely a shill? Or both?

POSTSCRIPT: By the way, why is it that National Review named their blog after a book about an open air drug market in West Baltimore? It doesn’t seem like the right association for them, does it? Plus, it’s an unfair association for the book, which is really good….

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