IT’S ALL ABOUT QUALITY, GUYS, NOT QUANTITY….National Review’s Kathryn Lopez at 12:40 EST today:

The Corner kinda sucks this morning. It will get better as the day wears on and much better–from the start–tomorrow. It will. Don’t give up on us just yet. Thanks!!

And why does it suck? Eleven minutes later she tells us it’s because they’re all too busy:

Why does The Corner suck so far today, you ask? Has entirely to do with baking excellent goods for NRODT, NRO’s paper sister (mother/father?).

By my count, the Cornerites had written 25 posts before K-Lo’s message. So how busy can they really be? Perhaps the answer is something…..simpler?

And for more K-Lo mockery, be sure to check out Julian Sanchez today.

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