TOO COMPLICATED?….The Valerie Plame story is “too complicated” for Glenn Reynolds to understand? Give me a break. That was the same excuse he used with John Lott.

There’s nothing complicated in either of these cases. Lott fudged his data and tried to cover it up, pure and simple. Someone in the White House deliberately exposed a CIA operative for political gain, pure and simple.

Look, guys, here was Tacitus this morning:

Still mostly unnamed sources in WaPo this morning, but I think there’s no denying that there’s something to the Plame affair at this point….and it means trouble for the Administration.

That’s the absolute minimum anyone should say about this. If you insist that the evidence isn’t clear yet and you’re still waiting for confirmation, fine. But at least tell us that, yes, if this is true, it stinks and heads should roll.

Again: this isn’t just normal partisan sniping. This is serious stuff, and loyalty to George Bush shouldn’t prevent anyone from saying so. From a bunch of folks who have been bleating about moral clarity for over a year, that’s the least we can expect.

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