PLAME UPDATE….Ah, who am I kidding? We all want the latest on Plame, right?

First, what does she look like? Admit it, you want to know. Here’s the Washington Post: “She is 40, slim, blonde and the mother of their 3-year-old twins. In the photos in his office, she has the looks of a film star.” Over on the right is the picture of the back of her head that’s been running on TV all day. Sure enough, she appears to be slim, 40ish, and definitely blonde.

(And notice the evil Bill Clinton in the background. By God, he’s everywhere!)

Other miscellaneous notes:

  • Atrios quotes Nina Totenberg on NPR tonight:

    The White House asked for and got permission earlier this week to wait a day before issuing a directive to preserve all documents and logs which led one seasoned federal prosecutor to wonder why they wanted to wait a day, and who at the Justice Department told them they could do that, and why?

    Crikey, it’s nice to have friends in the Justice Department, isn’t it? But I sure hope they know that deleting old emails is a little harder than it looks without leaving a trace.

  • TNR points out that the memo to White House staffers on compliance with the Justice Department investigation tells them to preserve all records back to February 2002. Why so far back? Because that’s when Wilson originally made his Niger trip, and the White House has been saying all along that they had no idea he had gone there and no idea that he had produced a negative report about the Saddam-Niger connection on his return. The CIA begs to differ. Emails from February 2002 might clear the matter up, and not necessarily in the White House’s favor.

  • Mark Kleiman reminds us not to fall for President Bush’s attempt to turn this into an issue of merely “too many leaks of classified data.” Classified information is leaked all the time by both Democrats and Republicans, and more often than not the public is actually well served by this. Exposing a covert agent’s identity is an entirely different thing, and far worse. Not to mention illegal.

It sure looks like things are starting to unravel and the leakers will be named before long. Stay tuned.