WE’RE #2!….Cosmic karma has been restored: USC is back to #2 in the BCS rankings. As near as I can tell, their lead over LSU is big enough that as long as they beat Oregon State in a couple of weeks they’re assured of holding on and getting an invitation to the Sugar Bowl to play Oklahoma for the national championship.

Which is good news for for the BCS, since I think pretty much everyone thinks this is how it should have turned out. And although filial loyalty hasn’t quite sapped my left brain enough to predict a Trojan victory in New Orleans, I think it’ll be closer than a lot of people think. Ever since the Cal game USC has looked awfully strong and awfully focused, and it ought to be a good game.

(I should probably mention that despite all the football posts this year, I’m actually not a huge fan or anything. But my parents went to USC and my father was a big college football fan and I grew up during the USC glory days of the 60s and 70s. Put it all together and it just seems like USC ought to be playing for a national championship.)