REALITY….A couple of days ago Paris Match ran a firsthand account by a reporter who had accompanied the Iraqi guerrilla band that shot down the DHL aircraft. Flit has a translation here if you’d like to read it.

Just to give you a sense of what we’re dealing with, here’s a quote from the leader of the band:

“Today, we are stretching out our hand to the Americans. We will let them have what they want, if they give us what we want: our freedom and our right to control our own country.

“We know all they are here for is the oil. We believe they should keep it, but let Iraqis have 1% of the revenue. For us, that would be enough. In order to manage this business, they will have to remain in Iraq, of course. We accept that they should remain, but in their bases, far away from the Iraqis, and that they cease their unjust actions towards our people. In exchange, we ask them for a minimum of respect and freedom. We thus believe a new government should be created, by mutual agreement between we Iraqis and the Americans. Officially, this government would be chosen by the Americans, but, actually, it would be chosen through negotiations with us carried out in secrecy and which would remain a secret for eternity.”

Needless to say, this makes no sense whatever. It’s like talking to a Lyndon LaRouche follower. Or Doug Feith.

In a way, Iraq is a demonstration of the old postmodern cliche: it’s not so much that everyone is out of touch with reality, it’s just that there are too damn many realities. I wonder which one we’ll end up with when the wave equation collapses?