GEEK TALK….OK, here’s what I spent the last couple of hours doing to secure my wireless network:

  1. Changed the default password on the Linksys admin utility.

  2. Changed the default SSID on the Linksys router.

  3. Disabled SSID broadcast.

  4. Enabled WEP on both router and notebook computer.

  5. Disabled DHCP and assigned static IPs to both desktop and notebook.

  6. Installed ZoneAlarm on notebook.

  7. Configured ZoneAlarm on both machines to treat the other as trusted.

I’d like to set up MAC filtering since the notebook is the only machine that needs to have wireless access, but that didn’t seem to work. I tried entering a bogus MAC address, but everything continued to work fine. So, since it didn’t seem to be filtering anything, I reset it back to its defaults.

Still, this is probably enough, right? I’m sure someone determined can still get in, but I figure this ought to be enough to discourage anyone who isn’t hellbent on singling me out for an attack.

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