MORE DAVID KAY….David Kay is giving a lot of interviews these days. A couple of days ago he told Reuters that he now believes that Iraqi WMD never existed in the first place, and in today’s Telegraph he says that a lot of material was transported from Iraq to Syria before the war “including some components of Saddam’s WMD programme.”

Now Jim Miller points to an interview aired this morning on NPR in which Kay says a few more interesting things. Regarding the movement of material to Syria he backs down a bit, saying “We simply don’t know what was moved.” But then he makes the rather striking assertion that based on what he found, he thinks that Iraq might have been more dangerous than we thought before the war.

As Jim notes, it’s bizarre that interviewer Liane Hansen didn’t follow up on this. If the WMD didn’t exist, and even the WMD programs were in rudimentary form, what could possibly make him think that we underestimated the danger from Iraq before the war? And how could Hansen possibly be so obtuse as not to follow up on this?

Kay seems to be making the interview circuit right now, so I suppose we’ll find out what he was thinking eventually. In the meantime, you can listen to the interview here, at least until NPR, as part of its ongoing campaign to make linking to its shows as difficult as it can possibly be, changes the URL

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