RELEASING THE BUSH RECORDS….So was President Bush serious yesterday when he said he’d be willing to release all his National Guard records? Keith Berry has the response from the White House when reporters pressed the issue at the daily briefing today.

The key point here is not Scott McClellan’s polished blather, which is wholly unsurprising, but the fact that reporters didn’t press back on his most obvious weak point by asking if Bush would authorize the release of records that are normally held back from FOIA requests because of privacy concerns. That’s the natural place to start.

Really, all Bush has to do is contact the various archives ? the Texas Air National Guard archives at Camp Mabry, the Air Reserve archives in Denver, and the national military archives in St. Louis ? and tell them to simply assemble every scrap of paper they have regarding his military service and then release it. It’s not so hard.

UPDATE: Plus IRS records too!