THE KERRY CAMPAIGN….What should be the central themes of John Kerry’s campaign? I’d say he should concentrate on three things:

  • You can’t trust George Bush. He says one thing and does another.

  • George Bush is losing the war on terrorism.

  • We can’t afford to lose yet more jobs under George Bush.

These all have the virtue of (a) being true and (b) taking direct aim at the “I’m a leader/I’m tough on terror/tax cuts are good for the economy” sophistry that his courtiers have spent so much time spoon feeding to the public. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to fill in the details.

UPDATE: Bullet points modified based on feedback in comments. I like these better.

And yes, as a few commenters pointed out, these are all negative points and Kerry also needs a positive vision for the future. I agree, but it’s just the flip side of the negative stuff: (a) you can trust me, (b) I’ll be genuinely tough on terror, and (c) I’ll bring back jobs. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

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