WHY THE SOCIALISTS WON….PART THREE….A week ago I suggested several reasons why the Socialists came from behind to win the election in Spain after the Madrid bombings. But I admitted there was really no way to know until somebody went out and did some polling.

Today, courtesy of Tacitus, the Washington Post provides an answer. Sort of:

Interviews and polling research suggest that voters who ousted the pro-American government of Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar after the Madrid bombings did so at least in part because they believed Spain’s participation in the Iraq war had provoked the attacks. Polls in Britain and Italy, whose governments have also been high-profile supporters of the war, suggest voters there fear their countries have also joined al Qaeda’s hit list.

This is maddeningly vague, especially since it doesn’t indicate what other reasons people gave for voting Socialist. Still, it’s a data point.

Does anybody out there read the Spanish press? Are there any more details available on this poll?