WHY THE SOCIALISTS WON….PART FOUR….I promise not to belabor this forever, but yesterday I asked about polling data on the Spanish election and one of my readers translated the following and emailed it to me:

  • Over 90% of the populace had decided their vote before the attacks.

  • 8% decided after the attacks.

  • 60% believe the government incorrectly informed the people about the authors of the attacks, and didn’t share all available information.

  • 60% believe information was manipulated and hidden.

  • 30% believe the government told the truth.

  • 25% of PP (Conservative Party) voters believe the government mishandled the information. 65% of PP voters believe the government told the truth.

The original is here, and another poll about troop withdrawl is here. My correspondent says that both polls are from the “very respected liberal radio” Cadena Ser on March 22.

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