INSTAPUNDIT WATCH….Mark Kleiman managed to write a couple of posts for me this morning. That makes blogging a lot easier, doesn’t it?

First, I too was scratching my head over this post from Glenn Reynolds, in which he snarkily derides Air America Radio but does so by quoting the kind of loony left material he usually has nothing but scorn for. As Mark points out, though, it’s worse than that: in his eagerness to find something bad to say about Air America, Glenn is passing along criticism from a “notorious black racist and anti-Semite.” I think Glenn might want to reconsider this post.

Earlier, Glenn joined a parade of others in denouncing Ted Kennedy’s speech because Kennedy said “Iraq is George Bush’s Vietnam.” Mark points out that Glenn missed the context: Kennedy wasn’t making a military comparison, he was criticizing George Bush’s endlessly deceitful and misleading statements about the war. This was LBJ’s downfall, and it may be Bush’s too.

(Glenn updates: yeah, but Kennedy should have known that his enemies would deliberately take it out of context in order to unfairly criticize him. Huh?)

As it happens, I’ve made the same comparison myself. Iraq may or may not turn out well, but in a democracy you can’t maintain popular support for a war unless you’re honest about why you went to war, honest about the goals of the war, and honest about how well the war is going. George Bush hasn’t been, and that’s why Iraq may very well be his Vietnam.

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