PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS….It’s been kind of a slow blogging day. I couldn’t get inspired by much of anything in the news, couldn’t get inspired by much of anything in other blogs, and the weather today was really nice too.

That happens every once in a while, and when it does I wonder why I can’t get inspired. Is it just me, I asked myself today?

But then I surfed over to The Corner and saw that by far the biggest topic of the day there was William Safire’s column about abolishing the penny. 15 posts so far!

So no, it’s not just me. It really is a slow day.

POSTSCRIPT: The Corner conversation has morphed into a discussion of the decimalization of the British currency a few decades ago, which the Cornerites agree was A Very Bad Thing Indeed for conservative-kind. However, to answer Peter Robinson’s question, a decimalization committee was first formed in 1961 under a Conservative government, it reported back in 1968 under a Labor government, and decimal coins became a reality in 1971 under a Conservative government, so apparently it was a pretty bipartisan affair. Isn’t Google a wonderful thing?