PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT….Just popping my head in for a moment, but this is important….

Suburban Guerrilla informs us that cell phone numbers will soon be opened up to telemarketers. I just registered my cell phone numbers with the Do Not Call registry, and so should you if you want to avoid the scourge of desperately fumbling through your backpack to grab your phone just as the light turns green only to find out it’s….someone trying to sell you a new cell phone.

Go here to register your cell phone number. You can register up to three numbers at once and it takes just a few seconds: enter the numbers and your email address, then click on the link that’s emailed out to you. Piece of cake.

UPDATE: Several people in the comment thread are claiming this is a hoax. However, after clicking through all the links it turns out that (a) a directory listing of cell phone numbers is in the works and (b) current FCC regs only prevent telemarketers from calling cell phone numbers if they use automated dialers. Most telemarketers do use automated dialers, of course, but once the numbers become available in bulk they might decide it’s profitable to call cell users even if they have to do it by hand.

Bottom line: this may not be the breaking news I thought it was, but if I were you I’d still register your cell numbers….