GETTING TO KNOW YOU….A few days ago a reader suggested it would be nice to get to know our regular commenters better:

I’d enjoy a post where you offer commenters a chance to tell a little about themselves. (Not that there’s any way of knowing we’re telling the truth, but it could be interesting.)

City, country, age, gender, educational background, profession, hobbies, how they define themselves politically, favorite sites, etc. sort of thing.

I’ll go first: Irvine, California; USA; 46; male; BA in journalism from Cal State Long Beach; currently a professional blogger, formerly VP of marketing for a document imaging software company; genealogy, science fiction, tennis (though a back injury has sidelined that), feeding my cats, cursing at my computer; pretty much a bog standard FDR liberal; see my blogroll.

Rules: This is just for fun. No one has to participate. If personal vitriol creeps into this thread, I’ll shut it down. Don’t appropriate other people’s names and post stupid bios, no matter how funny you’re convinced it would be. Just consider this light weekend entertainment and we’ll be fine.

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