NON-PLAME UPDATE….Peace in the Middle East! The Aardvark has the news.

In other, more serious rumor mongering, the Aardvark also passes on the following:

An al-Arabiya documentary claims to confirm long-standing rumours that Saddam Hussein was ready to leave Iraq shortly before the war, and take up residence in the UAE with his family. Supposedly, it was overseen by the late President Shaykh Zayd and confirmed by Crown Prince Shaykh Mohamed bin Zayd. The latter claims that the initiative had been received positively by an American representative. But it fell apart at the last minute, and they don’t know whether it was only a tactical maneuver on Saddam’s part, or whether he doubted American intentions or that the UAE would be able to guarantee his or his family’s safety.

Yes, it’s true: I’m just killing time until we get more news on the indictments. Documents are due in three minutes! A press conference in a couple of hours! Stay tuned!

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