WAS HADLEY WOODWARD’S SOURCE?….The London Times says Stephen Hadley was Bob Woodward’s secret source:

The mysterious source who gave America?s foremost journalist, Bob Woodward, a tip-off about the CIA agent at the centre of one of Washington?s biggest political storms was Stephen Hadley, the White House national security adviser, according to lawyers close to the investigation.

….A White House official said the national security adviser?s ambiguity [about his denial] was unintentional and repeated that Hadley was not Woodward?s source. But others close to the investigation insisted that he was.

I don’t remember if this has been definitively reported before, but Hadley has almost certainly testified in this case previously. He was much too close to the action for Fitzgerald to have ignored him before now.

If the Times account is true, Hadley could be in serious trouble. It would mean he failed to testify accurately when asked about press contacts before, and that he did so despite the fact that (according to Woodward), Woodward reminded him of their conversation on two previous occasions, once in 2004 and once this year. So “I forgot” won’t be a credible defense.

Or else the Times might be wrong. Stay tuned.

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