THE POWER OF IMAGES….What’s this? Photos of George Bush with Jack Abramoff? Time has the scoop:

Time has seen five photographs of Abramoff and the President that suggest a level of contact between them that Bush’s aides have downplayed. While Time’s source refused to provide the pictures for publication, they are likely to see the light of day eventually because celebrity tabloids are on the prowl for them. And that has been a fear of the Bush team’s for the past several months: that a picture of the President with the admitted felon could become the iconic image of direct presidential involvement in a burgeoning corruption scandal ? like the shots of President Bill Clinton at White House coffees for campaign contributors in the mid-1990s.

Jack Abramoff is a longtime Republican operative who has met with George Bush on numerous occcasions. That’s common knowledge. But the power of images is so great that the White House is nearly white with fear that pictures of Bush and Abramoff will eventually show up on the evening news. As well they should be.