GEORGE AND JACK….Here it is! Finally! The long awaited picture of George Bush and Jack Abramoff in the same room. You can just feel the tension, can’t you?

The New York Times reports that it got the photo from Raul Garza of the Kickapoo tribe of southwest Texas, the guy shaking hands with Bush. It’s in black and white because Garza insisted “without explanation” that it run that way. As for what Abramoff was doing there, everybody involved claims to be clueless:

Mr. McClellan said that Mr. Abramoff’s name had not appeared on the invitation list of the May 2001 meeting and that it was unclear how the lobbyist had entered the White House grounds.

….It is not clear how Mr. Abramoff might have gotten Mr. Garza included in the president’s meeting. White House records show the meeting was also attended by Grover Norquist, a friend of Mr. Abramoff’s who is a leading conservative strategist and president of the group Americans for Tax Reform, which was helping to rally support for Mr. Bush’s tax cuts, the issue that was the reason for the meeting.

So apparently Abramoff had no trouble waltzing into the White House whether he was invited or not. It’s almost like he was a regular visitor or something.

UPDATE: Time has the picture in glorious color here.